About Us

“We facilitate and promote investment opportunities in Sharjah”

As the investment promotion agency of Sharjah, we are dedicated to the continued transformation and economic diversification of the emirate and are committed to guiding foreign investors to the tremendous opportunity and potential that Sharjah offers.

Leveraging our superior market knowledge and intelligence, we provide bespoke advice and guidance to investors to help individuals and organizations alike to realize their investment in the emirate.

Our vision is to inspire businesses – building on the strong foundations of Sharjah’s sustainable growth and economic diversification, while identifying and facilitating investment opportunities across different sectors.

Invest in Sharjah

“We build on our strong heritage towards a prosperous future”

Invest in Sharjah facilitates the investment process by‪ fostering close collaboration between the‪ public and‪ private sector‪. B‪y bringing investors and opportunities tog‪ether ‪we ‪fuel growth and prosperity‪, and we streamline ‪an end-to-end solution to investing in the emirate.

We believe that our‪ tailored services‪ will help promote and position Sharjah in the global marketplace.


To be in the top five best Investment Promotion Agencies in the world by 2025.


To attract, facilitate and retain foreign direct investment which is of strategic importance to the economic development of Sharjah.


At Invest in Sharjah we are approachable, agile, progressive and trustworthy.

The Team

Our expert team takes great pride in discussing the abundant investment opportunities in the dynamic emirate of Sharjah – working with investors, companies and institutions from around the world to identify the right solutions to achieve individual investment needs and realize mutual success.

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How To Contact Us

Address: P.O. Box 867, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

Fax: +971 6556 0444

Telephone: +971 6519 5362

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